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MSSC Fantasy Football – Update

Dear MSSC Fantasy Footballer,

With the end of the season only two and a bit months away the MSSC committee is starting to look at the final league standings. It has been noticed that some of the current top 10 are not members of the MSSC. This is not an issue as everyone is welcome to join the league. However, these people will not be eligible to win one of the prizes for their final position.

To avoid the situation of someone joining the MSSC on the last weekend of the season just to claim a prize, which would be unfair to people who have been members all season, we have decided the following;

Anyone who is a member at present will be eligible for the full prize (members list attached). Anyone joining between now and the end of the season that finishes in the top 10 will have the unpaid membership between the start of the season and joining the MSSC deducted from their winnings.

The total prize pot will remain at £320 but any funds that are subtracted from winning players who join the MSSC between now and the end of the season shall be distributed to the people finishing in the next highest position that are members. e.g. if 10th place wasn’t a member and joined the MSSC now £10 or more is the amount that would’ve been paid in membership, so this would be taken from 10th and given to 11th (if they are a member).  Basically it pays to be a member!

If you would like to join the MSSC, for only 50p a week please complete the attached application form and return to Michael Bowden.

I’ve also attached the current league standings.

The prizes for final league standings are given below:

1st £100

2nd £75

3rd £50

4th £30

5th £15

6th £10

7th £10

8th £10

9th £10

10th £10

Kind regards,

Michael Dennis

EXT: 3565

Current FF standings

MSSC Angling: The John Moore Pike Trophy – 2014

It is hard to believe a year has passed since the last John Moore Pike Trophy match at Grantchester Meadows. The winner of that match and defending champion, Robin Lipscomb had a hard task in defence with this year’s change of venue, the TA Lake.

The lake in the past has proven to be moody in cold water conditions and Sunday was no exception. All Anglers drew a peg number from the hat for their initial swim, but as a roving match the rules allowed Anglers to fish any vacant swim if desired. The match started slowly without a bite to anyone. Two hours in and things were looking dire with thoughts of how would we choose the winner, would it come down to a casting competition to decide the champ?! But as often in Pike fishing, a 30 minute feeding spree saved the day, firstly with Andy D having a four pounder from an interesting corner swim. I had a smallish Pike on briefly but it swam under a sunken tree and transferred the hooks to it, leaving me to commence battle with the log. The log won.

The feeding spree ended with Steve W bagging a three pounder but keeping Andy in first position. That changed rapidly when Robin struck into a heavy Pike which battled hard until safely netted by Mick. On the scales the wonderfully conditioned Pike went fifteen pounds Nine ounces and took the lead by a mile. As swiftly as it started, the feeding spell stopped with no more action for anyone for the last hour of the match despite a few Pike being spotted.


  • 1st – Robin Lipscombe.
  • 2nd – Andy Doughty.
  • 3rd – Steve Ward.

So, Robin managed to do the double and defend his title and so is crowned 2014 Pike Trophy champion! Well done Robin!


Mike Webster,

MSSC Angling

John Moore Pike Trophy