Punt Bookings

  • Each pass may be only be used by one person, once per day. That is, once a punt is returned, you may not take another out that day.
  • Vessels may be used from Scudamores.
  • Corporate bookings are only to be used from the Mill Lane Station, they and cannot be used at Quayside Station.
  • You can choose to travel on the College Backs or to Grantchester.  Scudamore’s is open from 9am until dusk.
  • A booking entitles the named person to any one vessel Scudamore’s has available. One punt can accommodate 5 passengers + 1 punter.
  • The named person must be present on the vessel during its use.
  • Please note there is NO pass to collect.  Scudamores – will have your booking for the day that you have requested.
  • Please see the Social page on our website for full T&Cs.

MSSC has 6 punts available per day for MSSC members from 1st April until 30th September, and 2 per day from 1st October until 31st March. This is self-hire punting only and is unlimited throughout the day.  See below for availability.

Same day bookings cannot be accepted – sorry.

To avoid disappointment, please check with Scudamores that the river is open on the morning of your trip.

Contact:  Stephen Crisp by email for bookings. 1 punt per day per member (2 if short notice and punts are available – generally this does not apply at weekends), a maximum of 2 separate days can be booked at any one time.

If Stephen Crisp is away, please contact Joelle Garden to make booking.

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Name Date Status Comments
William Pickles 21/07/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 6
Jamie Fenton 14/07/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 6
Peter Thompson 01/07/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 6
Sarah Glover 30/06/2018 Tentative PUNT 1 OF 6
Sarah Glover 19/05/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 6
Andrew Oliver 21/04/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 6
Chris Gay 15/04/2018 Booked 3 of 6
Daniel Mara 14/04/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 6
Joseph Bernacki 14/04/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 6
Ralf Harkins 31/03/2018 Booked PUNT 2 OF 2
Callum Ward 31/03/2018 Booked PUNT 1 of 2
Michael Bowden 25/03/2018 Booked PUNT 1 OF 2

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