High Lodge

Free car parking at your local forest for you and your family – a saving of £11.50 per car per day!

One vehicle per member per day. A total of 4 MSSC vehicles may benefit from free parking per day.

Note: If you have not pre-registered on the list below, please pay for your parking as normal, to be fair to those who have pre-registered.

Corporate membership allows 4 vehicles (see bookings list below) to visit High Lodge at any one time.  If we have your current vehicle registration on file you should be able to enter and exit High Lodge automatically with no need to visit the Information Point or a pay station.   Pass your registration to Sandra or other when making your booking.

Website: www.forestry.gov.uk/highlodge

See the High Lodge website for more information on activities in Thetford Forest: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/highlodge

See the Social page for additional Discovery Pass benefits and discounts.

Contact: Clare Hoskins (clare.hoskins@marshall.co.uk) for registering your vehicle (one time) and daily bookings.

Name Date Status Comments
Mark Basham 05/11/2017 Booked PASS 1 OF 4
Dom Judd 29/10/2017 Booked PASS 1 OF 4
Dom Judd 28/10/2017 Booked PASS 1 OF 4
Peter Fairchild 27/10/2017 Booked PASS 2 OF 4
Dom Judd 27/10/2017 Booked PASS 1 OF 4
Dom Judd 26/10/2017 Booked PASS 1 OF 4
Jamie Norman 21/10/2017 Booked PASS 1 OF 4
Tracy McCartney 26/10/2017 Booked PASS 2 OF 4
Jane Carter 27/10/2017 Booked PASS 3 OF 4
Anne Brimsted 27/10/2017 Booked PASS 4 OF 4