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Recent events

We had the Long Service Awards in December 2018, and once again there was no shortage of recipients – 26 received 30 year awards and 13 got their 40 year awards. There must be something in the water, but not just at Cambridge as many of the recipients came from farther afield and in some cases from motor dealerships much newer to the group.  Those who got their 30 year awards were welcomed as new members of the 30 Club.

The annual reunion was held in September 2018 and was a great day out for all who attended with an update on Aerospace, Motor Group and the Property developments followed by tours of the North and South Works and a buffet supper in the conference rooms.  80 people attended and there was plenty of time for a relaxed chat over the buffet.

Next events

Retired members are entitled to all the events listed in the Sports and Social Club website – see later on this page.

October 2019 TBA  – We hope to have an Open Day to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the group and the 90th anniversary of the first Airport at Cambridge. If this goes ahead we will have a 30 Club tent or room where you can come to put your feet up and have some free refreshments. If we don’t have an Open Day, then we will have the usual 30 Club gathering in September.  

Friday 6th December 2019 12.00 noon – The 2019 Long Service Awards (for recipients only)


The 30 Club was the started by David Pittham OBE in the mid 1990s.  David served the company for over 50 years in various management roles at the original Peterborough Garage.   John Arnold another 50 year stalwart took over as chairman in 2007 and introduced a number of changes including membership of the Sports and Social club for retired members.  The current chairman is Alan Paul, a mere 31 year veteran ably assisted by Bridget Close, Sir Michaels PA who is the brains behind the admin.

The aim of the club is to provide “a focal point for long serving members of staff and to maintain their continued interest in the Company into their retirement“.

The annual presentation of long service awards now takes place in early December and due to the sheer numbers is only for those receiving awards.  We hope that the September event is a good way of getting together for those who used to like the now discontinued evening awards event.

As at December 2018, a total of 1,192 Long Service awards have been presented since 1976 and the total length of service of those with 30 or more years is an amazing 30,920 years!!

  • 818 for 30 years
  • 328 for 40 years
  • 40 for 50 years
  • 5 for 60 years
  • 1 for 65 years
  • 1 for 80 years

To contact Bridget or me, please e-mail 30club@marcamb.co.uk

Alan Paul – 30 Club Chairman

Summary of 30 Club benefits

With the expansion of the group, 30 Club members are now spread the length and breadth of the country which makes it difficult to organise events and benefits for everyone, however I thought it would be useful to list the things the 30 Club has in place, some of which are particularly useful for retired members.

All retired members have free membership of the Sports and Social Club.  The website https://marshallsportsandsocial.com has all the details which includes such things as

  • Free Daily Punt Hire: we have six per day available through the summer months and two per day through the winter.
  • Free entry to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens: we have eight corporate passes available per day all year round.
  • Free parking passes at High Lodge Thetford Forest.
  • Free entry to Shepreth Wildlife Park: We have adult and junior passes available all year round.
  • Free entry to Denny Abbey and Farmland Museum: We have family passes available April-October
  • Free entry to Giggle and Wiggle soft play at Caxton

To book these free tickets, please go via the Sports and Social Club website “Social” tab, and when you apply mention that you are a retired member of the 30 Club. You will be able to pick up the tickets from the main Cambridge Airport Visitor Reception and return them after use.

There are also various coach excursions from Cambridge to London theatres and attractions.  Obviously these are of more benefit to those local to Cambridge, however those from further afield might fancy a short break in Cambridge during the summer and could perhaps take advantage as well.  Please contact us via 30club@marcamb.co.uk if you have any questions.

Retired (and employed) members continue to enjoy the benefits of staff discounts and offers on new and used cars plus servicing and spare parts.  As you may know, the Motor Group is now run separately and is not under the direct control of the Marshall Group, so if you want to take advantage of this offer, please e-mail us at 30club@marcamb.co.uk and we will inform the dealership so they are expecting you and apply the right discounts.

We organise an annual late summer event at Cambridge Airport with an update from the main operating companies, a tour of the site and a finger buffet.  Invitations will be sent out nearer the time.  Every 5 years there is usually a bigger “Open day” for all staff and 30 Club members – the next one should be in 2019.

We distribute the Teamwork magazine at least twice a year and the Annual Report in June each year.  You should be getting these, but if you haven’t, please contact me or download a copy of Teamwork from the Digital Archive link below

We have a digital Archive of the company history.  Although it is still “work in progress” you can find a link to it at www.mochistory.co.uk.  You should find this interesting as we have snippets dating back to 1909 plus all the Teamwork magazines from 1972 when it was the MMG magazine.  Please contact us if you have any questions, updates or suggestions about this.

Privacy notice – We look after your data.  If you want a copy of the Privacy notice, please e-mail 30club@marcamb.co.uk

Alan Paul –  25th Feb 2019


The New Marshall Sports and Social Club website is currently under construction, the information on this website may be out of date.

All event updates and activities will be published by email as required.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please contact Al Thompson or Stephen Crisp with any enquiries.