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A list of events organised by the Marshall Sports and Social Club

New on Events List: E3 and Marshall Network events!

In the spirit of sharing and good communication, we’ve added events from the E3 (Engineering Events Entertainment) committee and the Marshall Network – just check out the Events Listing for all upcoming events.

If you’d like to add an event to the list, as long as it’s open to all Marshall employees, email Joelle Garden with the details.

If you have an idea that you’d like MSSC support (via advertising or subsidies for MSSC members) – we’re always happy to hear you out!

All MSSC events are organised and run by volunteers who do this in addition to their working roles. We aim to find fresh ideas for new events and services, with support and advice from the club membership.

This means you!

If you feel you would be interested in participating, helping out or even trying your hand at organising an event or activity, you are absolutely welcome and encouraged to get in contact with us.

Angling Report: 2016 John Moore Pike Trophy result

Hi all,

Once again the John Moore Pike Trophy was competed for in the dying days of the year. This time we fished in possibly the severest conditions yet, with the thermometer at minus 5 in the Fen Drayton lakes car park. Luckily this year’s venue, Holywell Pond was ice free allowing the match to take place. The fishing started very slowly with no action for anyone for the first hour and a half. But with a bit of early morning sun on the water seemed to awaken the fish as last year’s champ Robin hooked a decent fish.

On the scales it went thirteen pounds and on a tough day we thought it would be the decider.

Robins lead was briefly in doubt when Kev had a couple of dropped bites and one landed but at four pounds it was no threat. Robin sealed the deal with an additional four pounder to extend his lead. With the flurry of action over the Pond returned to its moody former self. So, as is becoming traditional, Robin is 2016’s champion!

2016 John Moore Pike Trophy


Mike Webster
MSSC Angling

Event Report: Wicksteed Park

The 30th of July was a great day for the trip! The weather was dry but cloudy, and therefore not too baking hot. The coach trip was only around 40 minutes and very convenient and comfortable.

57 people went on the coach, organised wonderfully by Hayley and Sandy. My 18-month-old was given an absolutely lovely little snack-filled goody bag which entertained her for much of the journey. The older kids got a goody back full of Wicksteed souvenirs once we got there.

It was our first time ever at the park, and my 102cm-tall 4-year-old was very much looking forward to being tall enough to get on the majority of the rides. Having wristbands was really convenient, and my husband and I took turns queuing for the rides with our older child. The little one wasn’t forgotten as there were plenty of things to do, like playing on the free-access playgrounds and the height-inclusive rides like the roundabout and, her favourite, the Wicksteed cars.


The grounds were lovely for strolling around, and there was plenty of space to relax between rides.

All in all it was a lovely day and all four of us had a great family day out! All our thanks to Hayley and Sandy for organising a cracking trip.

~ Joelle Garden