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Al Thompson; Hayley Fabb; Joelle Garden; Sandra Jedrej; Richard Hall; Ingrid Perez-Santander; Diana Gweredza; Mike Webster; Michael Dennis; Amy VanWyk; Sandy Still; Clare Hoskins; Reena Scutt; Glenn Freitag; Mick Pearce; Stephen Crisp; Shane Fabb

The MSSC is run entirely by volunteers. If you are interested in joining the committee or organising an event, please contact


Al Thompson –
01223 399551 (2551)


Hayley Fabb –
01223 373939 (3939)

Secretary & Membership

(Interim) Hayley Fabb –
01223 373939 (3939)

Complete and sign the Application Form on the front page of the website, and send to Hayley Fabb (ASC building) via internal post.


Diana Gweredza –


West End Shows and London Trips

Hayley Fabb –
01223 373939 (3939)

Cambridge Arts Theatre Trips

Ingrid Perez-Santander –
01223 373965 (3965)

Children’s Christmas Party

Joelle Garden –
01223 399290 (2290)

Marshall Christmas Party

Sandra Jedrej –
01223 373992 (3992)

Hayley Fabb –
01223 373939 (3939)


Shepreth Wildlife Park and Denny Abbey passes

Mick Pearce –
01223 373175 (3175)

High Lodge Thetford Forest car parking

Clare Hoskins –
01223 377426


Stephen Crisp –
01223 399690 (2690)

Giggle & Wiggle passes

Shane Fabb –
01223 399173 (2173)

Botanic Gardens passes

Reena Scutt –
01223 373763 (3763)


Glenn Freitag –
01223 399213 (2213)

IWM Duxford

Reena Scutt –
01223 373763 (3763)


Glenn Freitag –
01223 399213 (2213)

Camera Club

Adam Cundick –
01223 399290 (2920)

Derek Marshall –


Angling Club

Mike Webster –
01223 399279 (2279)

Fantasy Football

Michael Dennis –
01223 393565 (3565)

Website & Mailing List

Joelle Garden –
01223 399290 (2290)

Alternate contact:

Ingrid Perez-Santander –
01223 373965 (3965)

Code of Conduct

When attending any sports and social club activity or event you will be representing the Marshall company. A key condition of your attendance is that you act appropriately at all times. This includes travelling to an event, the event itself and the return journey.

As MSSC events and activities are open to Marshall employees and their guests or family members, it is the employee’s responsibility to make sure that anyone attending as a guest behaves appropriately as they are also representing Marshall during this time. If any employee behaves in a way which is not deemed appropriate during an activity or event, the following could be actioned against them:

• A ban from attending any further social club events – this may also happen to an employee if one of their guests is deemed to have acted inappropriately

• Restrictions on when and how they can attend an event, i.e. they may only be allowed to attend if escorted by another employee

• Request to pay any costs incurred as a result of their actions – for damage, cleaning vehicles, etc.

• In more serious cases, the issue will be passed to the HR department for review which may result in disciplinary action


If you leave Marshall ADG and you would still like to go to an MSSC event within three months of leaving, you will need to request this to the Committee, who will decide on an individual basis if it is appropriate for you to come along.



The New Marshall Sports and Social Club website is currently under construction, the information on this website may be out of date.

All event updates and activities will be published by email as required.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please contact Al Thompson or Stephen Crisp with any enquiries.