Fantasy Football Season 15/16: Winners announced!

As the MSSC Fantasy Football season 15/16 comes to a close the winners and prizes have been calculated. Please see below the breakdown of winnings.

This is the third year we have run this league and it has proved very popular, with 120 members getting involved in the “Marshall Sports and Social Club” league! For the first time, this year employees from non-Cambridge sites were eligible to win the prizes even if they weren’t MSSC members, as we understand that membership wouldn’t normally be cost effective for them.

Cambridge-based non-members of MSSC are welcome to join the league, but become eligible to win only if they become MSSC members before the end of the season.

Please note that it is our general policy for Marshall employees whose office is based outside of Cambridge, should you ever visit Cambridge on business, the MSSC offers you the use of our season passes and free punting without the need to join as a member. Simply book with the relevant contact, citing the above.

Well done all!

Michael Dennis


Final Standings:
League Places Prize Money 1-10 Winner Amount to be paid (Total including MoM if applicable) Clock number
1st £120 Colin Bithell (Cambridge) £140 42313
2nd £85 Lionel Griffin (Quorum) £105 3011
3rd £65 Stuart Dixon (Broughton) £65 2515
4th £50 Mark Van Wyk (Cambridge) £70 42074
5th £40 Greg Nunn (Cambridge) £40 60375
6th £30 Anders West (RAF Brize) £30 74420
7th £30 Ryan West (Cambridge) £50 2054
8th £30 Richard Olivey (Cambridge) £50 684
9th £30 Alan Shaw (Broughton) £70 2481
10th £30 Kevin Jones (Broughton) £30 2493
Managers of Month  
MOM August £20 Alan Shaw (Broughton) See above 2481
MOM September £20 Ryan West (Cambridge) See above 2054
MOM October £20 Ashley Walker (KMS) £20 3076
MOM November £20 Richard Fryer (Cambridge) £20 53848
MOM December £20 Alan Shaw (Broughton) See above 2481
MOM January £20 Mark Van Wyk (Cambridge) See above 42074
MOM February £20 Andy Smith (Cambridge) £20 40840
MOM March £20 Colin Bithell (Cambridge) See above 42313
MOM April £20 Lionel Griffin (Quorum) See above 3011
MOM May £20 Richard Olivey (Cambridge) See above 684