MAGS Four Club Challenge Competition

MAGS October 2015 Competition

Winner of the red – stableford – Nige Baker 34 pts

Winner of the green – stableford – Kev Wrycraft 36 pts

Winner of the blue – stableford – Luke Farrow 32 pts

The winning team (stableford – all three scores count)

Nige Baker (34) , Gary Huggins (33), Bob Verinder (29 = 96 pts

Nearest the pin, hole 5, Luke Farrow

Nearest the pin, hole 8, Mo Smith

Nearest the pin, hole 15, Kev Wrycraft

Well done to all who took part in the four club challenge, we managed to miss the worst of the weather and had some great scores without the other ten clubs! Speed golf could be next!

Carry on golfing…

MAGS Committee