MAGS Ryder Cup 2013 Results

MAGS Ryder Cup – North vs South

Sunday 4th August.

Thank you to all of the participants that played in this year’s MAGS Ryder cup.

14 Southerners took on 14 golfers from the North, with 4 singles matches and 5 doubles.

This year’s winners were the Southerners, by a score of 6-3, collecting the ‘Bob Ward’ Trophy for the third year running.

MAGS Results

The 2014 MAG’s Ryder Cup will be captained by Paul Shaw (North) and Daniel Plaskett (South).

  • Blue = South
  • Red = North


B. Barker (c) tied B. Schofield (c)

S. Long beat M. Smith

N. Baker tied B. Ward

D. Plaskett beat P. Shaw


P. Cooper & W. Hawkins beat A. Francis & R. Dean

E. Brazier & R. Thompson beat I. Bowes & P. Wheeler

M. Bassett & R. Bird beat T. Garner & S. West

M. Johnson & L. Aves beat A. Braithwaite D. Blane

R. Dexter & M. Bowden beat D. Morgan & G. Housden