Best Pike Trophy 2013

Time to compete for the ‘Best Pike Trophy’! This year we will hold an event on the River in March before the season ends. Please contact Mike Webster if you wish to attend. The days events will be reported here and the winner announced!

I tend to fish my ‘local patch’ of the river two or three evenings a week, wandering along the bank with my rod and lure, hunting down that elusive(so far) 20lb+ Pike. From Season start in June I tend to fish my local stretch of the river which holds a good head of Bream in certain areas along with a good mix of other species including the ever present old ‘stripey’ (Perch). The main problem is the boat traffic which seems to have escalated to silly proportions over the last few years. When I get totally fed up with the boat traffic I tend to move to a couple of local lakes for some peace and quiet. I consider myself very lucky to have this choice of venues so close at hand and can usually travel by foot or cycle (on my suitably adapted/modified bike!). My Pike ‘hunting’ starts from October through to March and as I mainly lure fish for these ‘Crocs’ I’m on the move and can fish between boats. The Pike has always been my ‘favourite’ quarry over the years and is a true predator in our waterways. To me there is something special about the ‘adrenalin rush’ that ‘hit’ gives you when your line tightens up as the Pike grabs your lure, then suddenly all hell breaks loose as the fight for freedom begins.

Andy Whitehouse


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