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Angling Report: 2016 John Moore Pike Trophy result

Hi all,

Once again the John Moore Pike Trophy was competed for in the dying days of the year. This time we fished in possibly the severest conditions yet, with the thermometer at minus 5 in the Fen Drayton lakes car park. Luckily this year’s venue, Holywell Pond was ice free allowing the match to take place. The fishing started very slowly with no action for anyone for the first hour and a half. But with a bit of early morning sun on the water seemed to awaken the fish as last year’s champ Robin hooked a decent fish.

On the scales it went thirteen pounds and on a tough day we thought it would be the decider.

Robins lead was briefly in doubt when Kev had a couple of dropped bites and one landed but at four pounds it was no threat. Robin sealed the deal with an additional four pounder to extend his lead. With the flurry of action over the Pond returned to its moody former self. So, as is becoming traditional, Robin is 2016’s champion!

2016 John Moore Pike Trophy


Mike Webster
MSSC Angling

MSSC Angling Report: Trip to East Delph Lakes

MSSC Angling trip to East Delph Lakes

The first MSSC Angling trip of the summer was at Whittlesey’s East Delph Lakes, a set of picturesque day ticket carp lakes set in the fenland countryside. We had the ‘Back Lake’ booked for 24 hours to see what six of us could lure out of the murky depths.

On arrival we were met by James Mackay the owner of the lakes. He had recently taken over the lakes and has great plans for their future after purchasing the site a couple of years ago. James, like many anglers had a dream of owning a fishery, after a few false starts he managed to secure his lakes. So leaving his teaching job in Walthamstow and selling up his London home, his family finally took advantage of the lower Fenland prices to secure the fishery ownership dream.

Our booking was for the Back Lake, a venue of about two acres with a healthy stock of decent sized carp to about twenty six pounds. The six of us spread out to cover all areas of the lake. It did not take Andy B long to fool the wary carp with a twelve pound fish on a piece of floating crust. Unfortunately that was all the action we had over the next few hours despite our best efforts. It seemed the ideal time to reel in and get the BBQ sparked up, with Andy D and Mick D donning the chef’s hats and cooking up a host of burgers, chorizo and bratwursts sausages. After washing down the evening meal with some of Mick’s IPA’s and followed up with a couple of rounds of banter we were ready for settling down for the night with a mission to catch some more carp.

12Andy B’s twelve pounder

The next fish came to my rods, a nineteen pounder just before dusk. Throughout the night Stuart S, Iain A and I managed to add a few smaller ones to the teams tally. The chilly night soon came to an end with a beautiful misty dawn, highlighting what a lovely, tree lined wildlife oasis East Delph Lakes is. The first rays of sunshine brought an eleven pounder to Andy D, which turned out to be our last fish as the wary carp were successfully avoiding all our efforts to trick them.


Mike’s nineteen pounder


Andy D’s eleven pounder

Based on our trip, we can all thoroughly recommend this excellent little fishery for both scenery and its pretty carp. A rematch is being planned!


MSSC Angling – Carp Cup & Bream Cup Winners 2015

MSSC Carp Cup

This year it was close, three anglers all catching thirty pounders. But the heaviest was a 32 pounder caught by Kevin Stint and so 2015’s winner!

1st – Kevin Stint 32lb 9oz.

2nd – Mik Davison 31lb 7oz.

3rd – Sean Yarwood 30lb 0oz.


Eddie Hickman Bream Cup

Early on in the year the weights entered for this crept up and up but nothing surpassed my May caught nine pounder! So 2015’s Bream Cup’s winner is Mike Webster.

1st – Mike Webster 9lb 14oz.

Runner up – Robin Lipscombe 6lb 8oz.




MSSC Angling – Carp and Bream Cups – the 2014 winners!

MSSC Angling – Carp and Bream Cups – the 2014 winners!.

As 2014 draws to a close we can announce the Carp and Bream cup winners;

  • The Eddie Hickman Bream Cup winner: Andy Doughty and his eight pound, eight ounce cracker from a Peterborough gravel pit.
  • The MSSC Carp Cup winner is Mick Davison with his colossal Forty one pounder from a Cambridgeshire lake.

Both anglers will have their names engraved on the cups for eternity for their efforts, well done guys!

Remember the 2015 carp and bream competitions are reopened on January 1st, so let’s start again and submit your captures for both species.

Happy Christmas and tight lines,

Mike Webster

MSSC Angling

MSSC Angling – MSSC Angling Cup 2014 – Results!

MSSC Angling – MSSC Angling Cup 2014. 

The summers big match did not disappoint with both great weather, good fishing and a fantastic turnout of 14 fishermen. This year’s venue, a private lake in Cambridge, was a pretty setting for the battle for the 2014 MSSC Angling Cup evening match. It is a small, long lake with an island in the middle, well stocked with small Carp, Roach and other mixed species so decent hauls were expected. The 5.30 pm start was nearly jeopardised by the no show from Andy Whitehouse, but 15 minutes from the off he turned up sweating and cursing Cambridge traffic. 5.30 came, we all got stuck in and the usual suspects caught lots from the first cast. Nobby, Robin, Wayne and Dan putting together nice nets of small Roach, Rudd and 4-6 ounce Carp with the odd bigger specimen keeping everyone focused. After the first hour things notably started slowing with all seeing a reduction of bites from the initial onslaught, with all Anglers having a few fish in the net it was still anyone’s to win. The tide changed when Robins bite rate drastically slowed (possibly spooking the fish by singing to himself) whereas Nobby consistently keeping the fish coming throughout the evening.

Things took a turn for the better when I finally cast to the island margin after sneakily baiting it up for the first hour and a half of the match. Five minutes later I was connected to something that wanted to swim past my neighbour and out to sea! I managed to subdue the torpedo like Grass Carp enough to net it, weigh it and swiftly return straight back. At sixteen pounds, four ounces it rapidly got me back in the running as well as being my first of the Species. Andy W also banked a personal best in the shape of a four pound one ounce Chub lured into taking a small cube of luncheon meat.

When the final whistle went we were sun scorched and smelling of fish which always a good sign of a successful trip out! The final weigh in revealed the top four as follows;

Position Name Weight
1st ‘Nobby’ Tony Hardy 35lb 2oz
2nd Mike Webster 31lb 11oz
3rd Robin Lipscombe 17lb 10oz
4th Dan Lindsay 14lb 11oz

So Nobby lifted the 2014 MSSC Angling Cup beating the reigning champion Robin and indeed us all by quite a margin. Good fishing but even better company summed up the latest MSSC Angling trip out!

P.S. A special thanks to those who brought extra keepnets to lend out, enabling a few of us to comply with the lake owners rules. Without them we would have been spectators!



MSSC Angling.

a.Team a.Weigh in a.match a.Mikes Carp a.Andys Chub


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